Eton Mess
Layers of crushed meringue, with strawberries, whipped cream and fruit coulis

Chocolate Profiteroles
Choux pastry casings, filled with fresh cream and topped with a rich chocolate sauce

Brandy Snap Basket
Filled with seasonal berries and fruits, soaked in Cointreau

Strawberry Cheese Cake
A deep filled cheese cake topped with strawberries and kiwi fruit

Baked Cherry Pie
Short crust cherry pie, packed with cherries and served with vanilla ice cream

Fruit Filled Meringue Nests
Crisp meringue topped with fresh fruit cream, seasonal berries and fruits

Luxury Cheese Board
A selection of fine Welsh cheeses served with crisp celery, red and green grapes, a variety of biscuits and Welsh butter

Sharing Platter
A platter served to the table for guests to share , to include 3 or 4 of your favourite deserts garnished with fresh fruit, fresh cream ,toffee and chocolate sauce

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